Have recipes scattered and do not know where to put them? Do you want to cook something special but you don’t know what? YouChef is the right choice for you!!

With YouChef you can store all your best recipes with photos and instantly share them with whoever you want via AirDrop, email or message! If you have to cook for lots of people, no problem, YouChef also has a proportion mode for the ingredients! You can add ingredients that you miss in the shopping list instantly and you can set a timer to avoid burning what you're cooking. You can also create you an account on the Recipe Store to download many interesting recipes that users have published! If you upload yours you can get a lot of credit for buying the most interesting recipes we have in our Store!

... Well ... What are you waiting for? Hurry and download now YouChef!!

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Store functionality no more available due to the high server cost... I Apologize for the inconvenience but I could not keep it open anymore..

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