This is the project in which I have been working on with other two guys to fulfill the requiements of a Software Engineering exam at the University. We got the highest mark as a result of our work (30L).

The aim of this project is to create a smart calendar-based application that people can use to reduce delays at the appointments and supporting the users by identifying the best mobility option. People create appointments and they get noti􏰀ed in case they will not be on time for it.

Moreover, the system needs to take into account weather forecast as well as strike days. Furthermore, the users should be able to adapt settings based on their preferences, such as walking- time constrains or a more eco-friendly way of transportation, and the possibility to de􏰀ne 􏰄exible appointments that given a window of time and a duration an arrangement of the schedule is proposed.

Finally, the system should provide the user of a ticket or locate the closest car/bike sharing vehicle if it is the mean of transportation chosen.

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The whole project is available for free and Open Source!