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Welcome to MayDay, my drone project!

This one has been the first Hardware and Software build I have ever done. I have been designing and building both of them including the 3D designs which I 3D printed and used as a working base for this project.

Just Modular

Pretty much everything is adjustable (apart from the wings), other legs could be attached, different tools on the bottom center can be placed from a camera to a case which can be used to carry things!

Drone Open Side View


Under the hood it is powered by a fast Maple Mini (which uses the STM32 processor), the MPU-6050 which contains both the gyroscope and accelerometer and soon a barometer.

It features 4 racing motors (Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205), a four in one ESC (Racerstar RS20Ax4) and an 11.1V 3S LiPo battery.

Assembly and Components images will be posted soon.

Drone Close Front View

How does it interact with you?

In order to simplify how people pilot this drone I created an app which interacts with a small pocket transmitter via bluetooth.
Then this transmitter verifies sent data and forwards all the commands to the drone seamoussly in a range of less than 1km using an HC-12 Transmitter!
There won't be anymore the need of carrying around big controllers!

Transmitter Configuration

How do you pilot it?

I have built an iOS app that connects to the transmitter via Bluetooth Low Energy and sends all the commands right away!

(Scroll right to see them all)

Disconnected View Connected View Pilot View


Here you can have a look at some more images of its final look!

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Render Close Angle Render Close Top Render Close Front Render Close Side Render Open Angle Render Open Top Render Open Front Render Open Side

Last Remark

ATTENTIONImportant to Know

I built this project for fun and in order to learn more about this Information Technology field. I am not an Electrical Engineer or an Automation one, I am just a Software Engineer which loves learning new stuff every day.

I'll publish the electronic schematics, 3D files, renders and code on a repository soon.
Thanks for reading!