WWDC 2018 Scholarship Playground

WWDC18 Scholarship Winner

This Playground is the result of the two weeks of coding for the Apple WWDC Scholarship in 2018. For the fourth time in a row I had the honor to win again and I could not be happier than this!

This time I wanted to build something in 3D unleashing the power of SceneKit and ARKit which Apple released the previous year.

It all starts in an island in the middle of nowhere. Blocks will grow infinitely from the middle and on top of them there is a really precious gem. The aim of the game is to break those blocks continuosly without making the gem fall. Pay attention that sometimes when a new floor is added it can make the other blocks bounce a lot, so... Choose really carefully which block to break!
Oh and there are some other blocks that will give you more points!

In this game pretty much is easily customizable, every texture, gameplay mode, even the background. It has been so much fun to build this playground!

Playground View Playground View with Game Game View Normal Game View AR

Also there's a video that showcases the playground!