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In this page you will find useful informations about general privacy terms, our cookie policy and how we use those regarding this website.



Dear user, we inform you that the personal data you have provided, will provide, and that which we obtain through your use of our website will be used by Giovanni Filaferro solely for the purpose related to the service which you have requested.

The data collected during the completion of any on-line forms will be processed by the company only for commercial information purposes and used for sending commercial communications, via e-mail too.

Also we wish to inform you that you may exercise the rights provided by the Privacy Code, particularly in regards to the possibility of knowing the nature and type of information in our possession, to request its integration or rectification, as well as to exercise, at any time, the right to object to the treatment and receiving of messages via e-mail, even to request that we delete your data.


Cookie Privacy

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We would like to inform you that this website uses cookies only with the purpose of remembering the preferred navigation language in order to make your experience throught this website more pleasant.

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