In this page you'll find useful informations about my achievements and what I've built everything in chronological order.

  • WWDC18 Scholarship

    Fourth time winner in a row of the WWDC Scholarship, it's going to be a super experience!

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  • PROJECT: MayDay

    MayDay project works and it is ready for the final touches.

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  • Travlendar+

    University project finished and sent to the professor for a review, we finally got the highest mark.

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  • TripToilet

    Website for TripToilet was published.

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  • WWDC17 Scholarship

    Third time winner of this scholarship, so honored to have had this possibility.

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  • Aquify

    WWDC16 Scholarship app named Aquify has been published on the App Store.

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  • WWDC16 Scholarship

    A second time winner of the Apple WWDC Scholarship, it's an unbelivable experience.

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  • TripToilet

    TripToilet is the best way to find the Toilet that suits better for you, for your perfect trip. With TripToilet it is easy to find the best toilet with reviews and traveler's photos.
    This app has been updated different times through the years, now it is still available.

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  • WWDC15 Scholarship

    The best experience I ever had.

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  • Desio Eyes

    Desio is an innovative new application created by Qualimed for all iOS systems. It allows anyone to wear virtual contact lenses and see first-hand the incredible results that can be achieved by wearing Desio contact lenses.
    This app has been updated few times through the years, now it is still available but not fully working.

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  • Voice to History

    I won the 2014 High School Excellences Certificate.
    Developed a website and a video containing testimonies of the World War II with my class.

  • ClickPic

    Without a doubt (it was) the best application to take Selfies in the World!

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  • YouChef

    Have recipes scattered and do not know where to put them? Do you want to cook something special but you don’t know what? YouChef is the right choice for you!!
    This app has been updated different times through the years, now it is still available.

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  • Club Events

    This app was released to help people find night events near them like parties. This is the first app I've built alongside a PHP Server which I developed.

  • SoundWave

    SoundWave was a fantastic Application that allowed people to download FREE or LEGAL music from the Internet or listen to the radio. This application had the following features:
    - Listen to the best radios ever;
    - Ability to create playlists with downloaded songs, and with those already present in the iPod library without having to COPY them!
    - Browser fully functional where you can download songs;
    - Graphics similar to the App Store to not detach from iOS standards;
    - Player COMPLETELY functioning similar to the one in the default music application;
    - Ability to edit: title, artist, album and song lyrics directly the main menu;
    - Ability to view where you listen to music mainly!
    - Social forwarding functionality directly from player view!

    It has been updated the years after and changed the UI and icon to match iOS 7, then It has been removed from the App Store.

  • iNotes HD

    This is the first app I published, it got more updates in the following years but now It's not available on the App Store anymore. It was a great note taking app with the ability to share notes with friends.